Advancing in Phytochemical Research & Innovations

Exploring Plant-Based Compound Potential

Botanical Extraction and Analysis

We are a small team working on exploring and creating new plant-based products. Our work blends plant science, chemistry, and phytochemical using innovative approach to develop new solutions for wellbeing.  We aim to make significant and creative advancements in plant science. We are committed to uncovering new ways plants can benefit our health and environment.

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Our story

Since 2017, from our small lab, we have been working to explore the possibilities of turning natural ingredients into wellbeing products. We are a small R&D team, bringing together specialists in plant science, phytochemistry,  pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, health supplements, and dietary products.

Our dedication is firmly rooted in advancing plant research and creating sustainable, health-enhancing solutions.


What We Do

Exploring plant science and phytochemistry to uncover sustainable, innovative approaches in nutraceutical.

& Encapsulation

Integrating phytochemistry and nanotechnology to advance encapsulation techniques for various applications.


We develop sustainable products formulations to improve wellbeing and help living healthy. We analyse raw ingredients and create formulations.


We conduct detailed micro testing for quality control and production consistency on every product batch for product safety, efficacy standards.


Specialised services in aiding brands in the launch of products by conducting market analysis, branding strategies, and product positioning.

Consumer Education
& Engagement

Creating educational and informative content and engagement strategies to inform consumers about the benefits of products.


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